Naked Falls

A great place to swim in Oregon. 

What is Naked Falls? Is it a waterfall? Is it a place on the Washougal River? Is it a campground? “No!!!” I say, in my shoutiest voice. Naked falls is the physical manifestation of happiness itself. Kurt Vonnegut described happiness as “the feeling that something, somewhere, wants us to like it here.” I dare you with as many double dogs as you can imagine to come to Naked Falls and elude the impression that it was custom designed to elicit bouts of joy from your heart. To all those who visit her, know that Naked Falls, wants you to like it here. May this be a fountain from which you can renew your hope that life is made to be good and you were made to be happy.

Day Trip

You can come and visit. We have a few totally unreasonable demands that we will classify as reasonable, due to the litigious world in which we live, in order to hang with all the cool kids at the river. We have all heard and lived by the axiom that “rules were made to be broken.” That is, except for these ones down here…those were specially engineered for strict compliance and blind obedience, at all times. For realsiously though, don’t break them or we will be forced to use the power of dance against you…and prosecute you to the FULL extent of the law.

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