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Persons / 4 Adulds and 2 childrens
Elektricity / External Connection
Cooker / Not Available
Watter / Water connection on pitch
Wireless LAN / Yes
Fireplace / Yes with Firewood Available
Playground / Yes with Small Pool

Purchase A Season Pass if you plan to visit frequently

  • If you plan to visit more than twice a month, you’ll save money on a SEASON PASS. Please purchase and place on your dash. It must be showing so it can be scanned with our fakeness detection devices (shhhhh…we can see inside your soul).
  • The SEASON PASS is for parking one vehicle and you can bring as many people as legally can be seated in your vehicle with one pass. SEASON PASSES are good from Sunrise to Sundown any day of the week.
  • Camping is not permitted with a SEASON PASS
  • Littering is Gross!!!!! OMGoshness!!! Just Don’t!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Do we honestly have to tell you this?!?! Why would anyone come out here to escape the drab world, then bring parts of said drab world and dump them here???? NO!! This is important: If you leave any litter, ever, you will be reported to the authorities (like all of them) and you will never be welcome back! Sound too harsh?? HMMM?? Not to anyone we want up here.
  • Respect the property. Do not damage any of our cool stuff (which includes all of our stuff). Don’t shoot things up here with your guns or bows or catapults. It’s not a gun free zone but it’s not a gun-brandishing zone either. Leave your firearms at home or stored legally in your vehicle.
  • Jumping out of trees is a pretty bad idea. It’s frowned on with extra frown sauce. Sooooooo…If you are caught pulling that stuff, you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be welcomed back. Safety first friends. If you are preparing for the ambulance Olympics, please find another place to train.
  • You and you alone, are responsible for your actions and their consequences at Naked Falls. The nature of the landscape, river and every manmade item is dangerous and you will almost certainly die or be seriously injured the moment you step foot on the property. You accept this risk and hold the property owner and affiliates harmless for any ill that befalls you while on the property or as a result of the time you spend at Naked Falls.
  • Do not remove any items from the Naked Falls Day use area or surrounding areas. Your Season Pass allows you to be on the property, not to take the property.
  • Please refrain from shenanigans but tom foolery, if found to be mildly hilarious by a jury of me and the admin, will be allowed.
  • Have fun!! We won’t make you leave if you don’t, but we may stare disapprovingly at you with our arms crossed until you do.

    2018 Winter Season Pass is $25.00. This allows you to park 1 car as often as you like through March 21, 2018

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